Earl Nez

Role in Story: Eugene’s best friend

Occupation: Former C.I.A agent, Local town Sheriff

In the 1940’s opportunity was limited for young Native American Earl Nez within the borders of his New Mexico reservation. His repeated attempts to enlist in WWII were declined. No officer could mistake a 10 year old boy for an eligible recruit. Time and again he returned home with the news that he was not going to war to serve his country. Earl settled for law enforcement, and soon rose to division chief for the reservation district. In 1967 he watched his young nephews drafted for Viet-Nam and was eager to serve again, only to be told at 34, he was too old. Frustrated but determined, Earl found an Organization that he was neither too young nor too old for, the C.I.A., his career until he retired back to New Mexico where he was raised.

Earl and Eugene are a powerful comic duo. The two men drink, smoke cigars and recount old stories. Throughout the Orion One series Earl and Eugene will take it upon themselves to dust off their old skills and put themselves to use with their own vigilantly and often humorous tactics.

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