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“I was really excited to take Erin’s class because I had this preconceived thought in my head of what it was going to be about. I was so surprised that is was nothing like other classes I had heard about. She really gets to the root cause of protecting yourself by being aware. I feel so much more prepared in my personal and professional life now. With Erin’s teachings I have also looked at how this can improve how we provide top notch customer service to our clients. I plan to refer all of my colleagues that are looking for advanced training.– “


Heather Bennett

Associate Broker
The Colorado Real Estate Group
Residential Home Sales Specialists 
Mobile – 912-492-5302
“Orion’s Black Belt was a life changing experience.  Part of this course was learning awareness. This was the most important lesson I have ever learned. I have never been through a course quite like this one! As a Real Estate Broker I now understand that I have the power to avoid putting myself in most dangerous situations.  The techniques I learned will stay with me forever.  The Instructor is great and wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for another course with her. I didn’t expect this course to be as informative as it was with real life situations and advice.  It changed the way I look at my surroundings and provided succinct skills to use out in the real world.”
Theresa Brilli
Real Estate Broker/Transaction Manager

The Colorado Real Estate Group

Residential Home Sales Specialists
“This course opened my eyes to the power that I have as a woman to protect myself in so many ways.  I discovered power inside of me I didn’t know I had.  I recommend this and Erin’s other courses to anyone who wants to survive and attack.  This was nothing like other self defense courses whatsoever.  As a Real Estate Agent, I am no longer afraid and I feel prepared every time I enter a house, and the ongoing training continues in my company with all of the participants who attended the course.  This course is amazing, a must sign up situation for everyone!”
Shawna Blair
Real Estate Broker/Owner

The Colorado Real Estate Group

Residential Home Sales Specialists
Nina Shirazi
Nina ShiraziKrav Maga Instructor
Nina Shirazi began training Krav Maga in 2002 and became a cirtified instructor in 2006. She is one of the few high rank female Krav Maga Instructors in the United States to be cirtified by the international Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), Krav Maga Global and Tactica Krav Maga institute.
E. D. Erker
E. D. ErkerInstructor/ Teacher
Self defense/Self awareness instructor with primary course focus on the psychological training and preparation needed to overcome compassion when faced with a life threatening situation. The psychology of killing and the traumatic effects. Secondary course focus is hand-to-hand combat, and weapons instruction for self protection.
Joe Buckner
Joe BucknerBeautifully Savage Boxing