“Screech” Jared Wilson
Role in the Story: Sgt. Major; responsible for all technical and computer aspects of Orion. Master weapons engineer, well known for psycho behavior, extreme killer. Jane’s life-long childhood friend.

As soon as this character steps into the pages of Orion One, and the life of Elizabeth Howard, the eventual heroine and General of the team, you know something colorful is going to happen. Screech, referred to by his team, is not the usual suspect when you think of elite special forces. His erratic and deranged behavior is often difficult to tolerate, even by the toughened killers he circles in.

His scruffy, unruly beard, usually harbors remnants of the days swill, and is the first indication that Screech could give two shits what the world thinks of him, including himself. He will take great measures to avoid his reflection, hoping not to see the image of his abusive father gleaning back at him; although the beard helps disguise his frustrations concerning his DNA.

Screech keeps the team motivated with his outlandish child-like behavior, and sense of humor. He is the constant reminder not to take their lives too seriously. He will often mimic movie characters to lighten intense situations. Each member of Orion knows and respects that inside, he is a very calm, calculating genius, who is thoughtful, manipulative and cunning. Dubbing him “the professor” for his analytical scientific ranting, and random soapbox editorials.

A long-time victim of child abuse, he would never view himself as such.  Screech shut himself down from most emotional connections, and is externally viewed as a sociopath by most standards professional. However, within the team of Orion, Screech finds the bond of family. The only family he wishes to own and protect. Deeply motivated by an extreme attachment to Jane, Screech emulates her and is obsessed in creating the most elite cutting edge weapons for her to use.

Screech was never gifted massive size and strength, yet he more than makes up for it with his intimidation, skills, and kills. Often you will find Jane and Screech engaged in strange conversations that they only share with each other. He once told Jane he wished to be eaten by a tiger, “feet first, while I am still alive, so I can hear my bones crack…..maybe ask him if he needs some salt.” Screech fantasizes about his own death, hoping it will be some glorious scene that he has never witnessed before. Having inflicted, and witnessed countless deaths, he was doubtful there was a way to die that he didn’t know about.

This haphazard view of life, adjusts Screech well into the world of war, where he blatantly rushes enemies, and kills without mercy. He has known no other way of life but survival; having escaped a traumatic childhood, blasted through Army ranger training, as well as the Orion program, he is perfectly suited for the life of an assassin.

While Screech considers Jane his best friend and sister in Orion, it’s no secret that he views Pilot as his brother.  Pilot does not reciprocate this family bond.  Although they share an intense passion for any weapon, and a thorough knowledge of how they operate. Pilot and Screech master the art of creating new weapons for the team, or manipulating scrap weapons in makeshift situations, they are indeed great friends.


Screech: What the fuck? Say something about myself? Jane, who the hell wants to hear something about me? Oh, Jane didn’t ask for this crap. E. D.  Erker……who the fuck is that? Writing some fancy book, are we? Oh this ought to be good. Ok E. D.  Erker, where do you want me to begin?

Erker:   From my experience in dealing with you, it’s not going to matter what I say, you sort of get on your own roll. You want a drink?

Screech: Do I look like I need a drink? Do you think I need a drink? Would I look more sophisticated if I had a drink in my hand, like that Dos Equis guy?

Erker: This is a written interview. No one is going to see you.

Screech: I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to me. Cool it. I was talking to me. Are you talking to me? Look I am the one giving the damn interview, you pipe down you dirt bag. Dirt bag? Is that the best you got, you chum sucking scrote sucker.  Scrote sucker, thats a good one. I am going to remember that one. I thought you would like that, your mom told me that last night. You dirt bag!

Erker:  Sooooo…. Why don’t you tell me about Orion One?

Screech: Can’t

Erker: Yes you can. It’s a book, Screech. You are one of the main characters in the book.

Screech: Nope.

Erker: Um, maybe that other guy you have in there with you would like to do this interview?

Screech: Hell yeah I want to, ask me anything. Like asking me about the time I fell ass over balls out of that chopper….Shut the fuck up dude. We aren’t saying a damn thing. But I like this chick. I don’t. You don’t like chicks? Dude, what? I like chicks, shut the hell up. I like your mom. That’s it dirt bag, stop talking about my mom. Not until you tell me you like this Erker chick. Ok, I like her. I like her coffee cup, there is that good enough? Fine.

Erker: How about you tell me something about yourself that doesn’t show up in the pages of the book?

Screech: I didn’t read the book.

Erker: I know, but you are a character in the book. So you know what is in the book. Tell me something about yourself that isn’t in the book.

Screech: You are a crappy interviewer. Let me take over. How about I tell you something about myself that isn’t in the pages of the book? I think people might be interested in that. Not your dazzlingly distracting coffee cup; which by the way, I want to steal from you. Is that a shark on the front of it?

Erker:  No, its Garfield. Do you see a shark?

Screech: Ugh, lady, is our time up? They said I only had to sit still for a half hour.

Erker: It’s been five minutes. But sure, you can go.

Screech: Excellent. You should read this book, Orion One, I heard its pretty great.

Erker: (Sigh)

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Favorite food: “Real authentic asian food because its usually still alive.”

Favorite weapon: “I don’t play favorites when it comes to my babies.”

Relaxation: “Oh you know, long walks on the beach with my sweetie, poetry reading and writing my name in the sand. I don’t relax.”

Favorite Movies: “The one’s playing in my head on a reel-to-reel projector.”

Favorite music: “The soundtrack that accompanies my personal documentary (see above).”


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