Role in Story: Jane’s dog

Occupation: Jane’s Best friend and ‘therapy’ dog for PTSD

It is never easy to read about or witness shocking accounts of animal abuse, and rarely is it reported what happens to animals who recover from horrific trauma and go on to lead happy lives. Maxine is a dog who struggled to survive an abusive and traumatic past, and then finds recovery and a deep bond with Jane who is also recovering from her own trauma. The two are inseparable, even jumping from planes together, shooting snakes in the desert on wild adventures, and secluding themselves when Jane’s PTSD reaches it’s worst points. Maxine helps Jane and nearly loses her own life many times being tethered to such a dangerous friend. Maxine is aware that Jane would give her own life to protect hers and the feeling is mutual. The scruffy terrier is rugged, tough and fearless. Her stamina and perseverance is matched to Jane’s as the two take on what their lives have to offer.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself- Josh Billings

Personal story from Maxine the dog:

“My name is Maxine now but it used to be Damn Dog.  After Jane found me my life and my name changed.  Jane is the best friend any dog could hope for.  I think Jane is a human boy.  We are busy every day doing things he calls training.  We run far and fast and I love that.  I can run circles around Jane and usually do.  When my name was Damn Dog I lived in a cage and never got to run.  When Jane says “run free Max” she can never know how much that means to me!  I love riding in Jane’s truck– I want to be free in the back end that is all open but Jane wants me right beside her in the front.  That is probably because of that one time when i saw a rabbit and jumped out of the back when she was driving.  Jane says I am not afraid of the noise guns make.  I guess some of us are scared.  I am afraid of the snakes that Jane shoots with those guns.  They are bad hombres as Jane would say! My best days are when all the other boys come over to see me and Jane and we all run free together.  One time we all went up into the air in Jane’s air plane and then we all ran out the back end together.  I just went with Jane.  That was amazing.  I could see all kinds of places we could go in the pickup from up there.  One of my best times ever was spent out on what Jane called the Farm.  Everyone I met there loved me and Jane.  I especially like the big human called Eugene.  He fed me my own pork chop and I got a bowl of gravy with it.”

” I am supposed to talk about ‘training’? Well all I really know is what not to do. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, but if you do, just keep chewing because eventually you will get to the good stuff. Don’t go too far too fast, but if you do someone will always be there eventually to pat you on top of the head so that you can do it again. Don’t snore too loud because someone will keep waking you up to tell you to stop, and they might even threaten to make you sleep on the floor…but don’t worry that usually never happens. Whatever you do…this is important…don’t ever touch a cat, they are very unpredictable.”

Favorite food: “Pork chops, I love those things.”

Favorite weapon: “My bark.”

Favorite Movies: “Not Old Yeller, Not Marley and Me, not All Dogs go to Heaven, please can they make a movie called ‘The Dog Doesn’t die’?”

Relaxation: “You are asking a dog how she relaxes? Thats a good one. You try chasing a ball, your tail, a stick, a cat, a butterfly, a leaf and then tell me if you feel like you need to relax.”

Favorite music: “I like it when Jane puts on that polka music and gets all crazy and we dance and bark in the house when no one is watching.”

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